Stream Science

Week One: 
Stream Science, June 17 – 21

Stream Science Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Stream Science Explorers: Ages 8 – 11


Explore a variety of stream habitats, including Wildcat Creek and Strawberry Creek. Follow their pathways to discover unique stream features including riffles and pools, small islands and bridges. Create and float mini nature-boats on creek waterways. Identify aquatic invertebrates and study their amazing adaptations for life in flowing water. Assess the health of a stream habitat, test water quality and compare and contrast natural and urban streams. Identify streamside plants and create beautiful stream art. Learn about the importance of conserving freshwater for all life on earth and the actions you can take to conserve water every day.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:

DayDateDrop-off LocationPick-up Location
MondayJune 17Orchard Picnic AreaOrchard Picnic Area
TuesdayJune 18Strawberry Creek, UC Berkeley CampusStrawberry Creek, UC Berkeley Campus
WednesdayJune 19Environmental Education Center Parking LotEnvironmental Education Center Parking Lot
ThursdayJune 20Orchard Picnic AreaOrchard Picnic Area
FridayJune 21Lake AnzaLake Anza