Diversity Policy

Organizational Diversity

KIDS for the BAY values all board members, staff and constituents and the diverse perspectives they bring to our organization.

The goal of KIDS for the BAY is for the diversity of our organization to reflect the diversity of our constituency.

We provide professional development for our staff and strive to develop culturally literate, multicultural leaders in the field of environmental education.

KIDS for the BAY Programs

The goal of KIDS for the BAY is equitable access to environmental science education for all children. Teaching strategies, including support for English Language Learners, bilingual education, and support for students with special educational needs, help to ensure access to learning for all students.

KIDS for the BAY environmental education programs are grounded in diversity, equity and inclusion in teaching strategies and in curricula.

KIDS for the BAY provides Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Teaching Environmental Justice and Culturally Responsive Classroom Management trainings for our year-round staff to help promote inclusive, equitable teaching environments for all programs.

Programs for schools include lessons that focus on environmental health and environmental justice issues that affect the communities we partner with, including access to nature, plastic pollution, pollution from factories and refineries and safe bay food consumption.