Blue Watershed Classrooms Program

Join KIDS for the BAY for our engaging follow-up program! The Blue Watershed Classrooms Program will inspire and support classroom teachers who have previously participated in a KIDS for the BAY program in developing a watershed- friendly, Zero-Waste classroom community.

“Humans can be a part of a healthy watershed too, especially if we’re working together to keep it clean!”
— Nick, Fourth Grade Student, Ohlone Elementary School, Hercules

Teachers and students will:

  • Increase their knowledge of their watershed environment and how it connects to local creeks, the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean
  • Increase connections with nature and the environment
  • Reduce trash and waste in their classroom and in their local watershed.

The Blue Watershed Classrooms Program includes:

  • Classroom Lessons focusing on our unique San Francisco Bay watershed and how we are all connected to this special environment
  • A school campus and neighborhood trash clean-up project
  • Important, everyday classroom changes to reduce trash and waste.

AND these optional projects:

  • Five Rs projects (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Refuse) to reduce trash and waste
  • A nature-based Field Trip with trash clean-up project
  • Schoolwide outreach projects.

“One of the things I like to emphasize in my class is taking care of the environment. I really like that the program does this with such a great approach through science. I think that programs that teach students about the San Francisco Bay and how to take care of it should be in every school district around the Bay Area.”
— Jane Yee, Fourth Grade Teacher, Ohlone Elementary School, Hercules

An Orientation Meeting with a KIDS for the BAY Instructor, easy to teach Lesson Plans and a Zero-Waste Equipment Kit are provided to all participating teachers and classrooms.

All teachers who complete this program and our online evaluation form will receive a BLUE WATERSHED CLASSROOMS CERTIFICATE, will be recognized on our website AND will be entered into a drawing TO WIN a KIDS for the BAY:

  • Hands-on science Classroom Workshop
  • Spring Creek Field Trip program
  • OR Low-Tide Bay Field Trip program.

For Teachers:

Check out our Blue Watershed Classrooms Showcase!

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