Blue Watershed Classrooms Program

Join KIDS for the BAY for our engaging teacher-support program! The Blue Watershed Classrooms Program will inspire and support classroom teachers who have previously participated in a KIDS for the BAY program, as well as teachers new to KftB, in developing a watershed- friendly, Zero-Waste classroom community.

“Humans can be a part of a healthy watershed too, especially if we’re working together to keep it clean!”

Nick, Fourth Grade Student, Ohlone Elementary School, Hercules

Teachers and students will:

  • Increase their knowledge of their watershed environment and how it connects to local creeks, the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean
  • Increase connections with nature and the environment
  • Reduce trash and waste in their classroom and in their local watershed.

The Blue Watershed Classrooms Program includes:

  • Classroom Lessons focusing on our unique San Francisco Bay watershed and how we are all connected to this special environment
  • A school campus and neighborhood trash clean-up project
  • Important, everyday classroom changes to reduce trash and waste.

AND these optional projects:

  • Five Rs projects (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Refuse) to reduce trash and waste
  • A nature-based Field Trip with trash clean-up project
  • Schoolwide outreach projects.

“One of the things I like to emphasize in my class is taking care of the environment. I really like that the program does this with such a great approach through science. I think that programs that teach students about the San Francisco Bay and how to take care of it should be in every school district around the Bay Area.”

Jane Yee, Fourth Grade Teacher, Ohlone Elementary School, Hercules

An Orientation Meeting with a KIDS for the BAY Instructor, easy to teach Lesson Plans and a Zero-Waste Equipment Kit are provided to all participating teachers and classrooms.

All teachers who complete this program and our online evaluation form will receive a BLUE WATERSHED CLASSROOMS CERTIFICATE, will be recognized on our website AND will be entered into a drawing TO WIN a KIDS for the BAY:

  • Hands-on science Classroom Workshop
  • Spring Creek Field Trip program
  • OR Low-Tide Bay Field Trip program.

For Teachers:

Check out our Blue Watershed Classrooms Showcase!


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