Every Day with Nature

Check out the following activities for fun nature-based activities!

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BIRD WATCHING – How many birds can you find in your neighborhood? Take a walk to quietly count, and observe what makes each bird unique! Watch an example video HERE

RAINBOW TREASURE HUNT – Use your senses to discover the beautiful world around you! Watch an example video HERE!

MEET A TREE – Explore trees around your neighborhood!

LEAF RUBBINGS – Investigate different leaves!

SHADOW TRACKING – Track the sun using your shadow!

CLOUD SPOTTING – Become a nephologist, or a scientist that studies clouds, by learning to identify the clouds above you!

EXPLORING SEEDS – Go on a seed hunt in your neighborhood!

ENERGY FLOWS SCAVENGER HUNT – Let’s learn about local ecosystems!

LISTENING TO NATURE – Use your listening skills to learn more about an ecosystem! 

FLOWER PRESSINGS – Learn about different flowers in your neighborhood while artistically creating keepsakes for your collection!

COMMUNITY MAPPING – Get to know your environment and foster a stronger sense of community with this interactive, outdoor activity!

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION WALK – Be an environmental leader in your community by teaching others and sharing what you care about!

NATURAL ART – Create an art piece with natural objects that you find on the ground in your yard or neighborhood!

NEIGHBORHOOD HABITAT ASSESSMENT – Become a biologist and investigate wildlife habitat in your neighborhood!

PLOGA (PLAY-YOGA) – Get moving and connect with nature by playing a creative yoga game!

NATURE MEDITATION – Take a quiet moment to relax and connect with yourself and the natural world around you through meditation.

MINI HABITAT WINDOWS – Investigate, draw and describe a mini habitat in your own yard or neighborhood!

FLOWER INVESTIGATION AND CARD MAKING – Learn about the anatomy of a flower and create a special flower card for Mother’s Day or for your teacher!

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