Summer Camp Job Opportunities

Camp Leader / Environmental Educator Position

Junior Camp Leader

“Working as a summer camp leader allowed me to grow as an educator, a leader and an Environmentalist. Working with young people always teaches me so much, and this experience was rich with joy and learning.”

Sakshi Srivastava, Environmental Educator/Summer Camp Leader

“Everyday I got to come into camp and experience the outdoors with kids, and I was able to learn a lot about myself and become a more confident leader while having fun!” 

Cedar Soller, Junior Camp Leader

“I had a beautiful time this summer with KIDS for the BAY! Getting to explore the natural wonders of the Bay Area with staff and campers who possess genuine curiosity and connection to the earth was so special.”

Grace Bedecarre, Environmental Educator/Summer Camp Leader

“Sharing my passion for the environment with kids and seeing them become inspired is truly an incredible experience. Nothing compares to witnessing the excitement on a child’s face when they are learning about new scientific concepts that they want to share with their families, communities, and the world!”

Jamie Ball, Environmental Educator/Summer Camp Leader

“It has been such an important experience as a young adult to understand, educate, and have fun with the future generation of children who are eager to learn about and protect our environments!”

Max Swindermann, Camp Leader

“KIDS for the BAY is such a supportive and fun place to work! I started as a Camp Assistant Leader and learned a lot from my co-workers. Now I am a full-time Program Manager at KIDS for the BAY and am still learning from the people around me every day! At Summer Camp, the staff is so willing to help each other learn and grow, and I always felt comfortable teaching a new lesson!”

Valerie, KIDS for the BAY Intern, Environmental Educator/Camp Leader and Program Manager