Blue Watershed Classrooms Showcase

The Blue Watershed Classrooms teacher follow-up Program (BWC) provides support for previous partner teachers in KftB programs, to deliver watershed education to their students and shift the culture and practice of waste prevention and waste management in their schools. Teachers are provided with the resources needed to create watershed-friendly, Zero-Waste classrooms with their students and families for the entire school year and for years to come. The Blue Watershed Classrooms program reduces trash and waste, especially plastic trash and waste, and increases environmental and human health.

Teachers have also chosen to complete additional Environmental Action Projects including: 

  • Five Rs poster presentations to buddy classes and families 
  • Zero-Waste lunch, picnic or class party events 
  • Buddy class trash clean-up events 
  • Nature-Based Field Trips with trash clean-up projects 
  • Schoolwide outreach projects, for example, starting a Green Team, or organizing a schoolwide trash clean-up project.

We proudly recognize the following teachers for their commitment to Environmental Education and to the Blue Watershed Classrooms program:


  • Glenn Aitkens at Edison Elementary School 
  • Jennifer Howell at Edison Elementary School 
  • Melodi Vincent at Bay Farm Elementary School 
  • Susan Isola at Edison Elementary School 


  • Aradhana Sooch at Belshaw Elementary School 
  • Jean Deas at Belshaw Elementary School
  • Gabriela Gonzales at Jack London Elementary School
  • Mike Spence at Belshaw Elementary School
  • Shelly Underwood at Belshaw Elementary School 


  • Marvin Reed at Rosa Parks Elementary School 
  • Mia Parsons at Malcolm X Elementary School 
  • Sumita Soni at Berkeley Arts Magnet School


  • Colin Ritchie at Greenbrook Elementary School 
  • Pamela Vamvouris at Greenbrook Elementary School 


  • Dayna Tutino at John Green Elementary School 


  • Derek Smith at Anna Yates Elementary School 

Half Moon Bay

  • Vienna Klingele at Sea Crest School 


  • Anna Rudolph at Eldridge Elementary School
  • Charlene Pugh at Longwood Elementary School
  • Chris Scharfenkamp at Lorin Eden Elementary School
  • Devery Sheffer at Harder Elementary School 
  • Elisa Garcia-Rojas at Colonial Acres Elementary School 
  • Erika Isomura at Glassbrook Elementary School 
  • Julie Bryant at Colonial Acres Elementary School 
  • Mayte Lemuz-Ramirez at Glassbrook Elementary School 
  • Michael O’Hare at Eldridge Elementary School 
  • Ramona Martinez at Harder Elementary School 
  • Samantha Richardson at Harder Elementary School 


  • Jane Yee at Ohlone Elementary School 
  • Misuk Nam at Ohlone Elementary School


  • Leah Bishop at Kensington Hilltop Elementary School 


  • Aimee Jocson-Ramirez at Birch Grove Intermediate Elementary School 
  • Kelly Burkhead at Lincoln Elementary School 


  • Claudia Gomez at Acorn Woodland Elementary School
  • Constance “Connie” Cobb-Zunino at Prescott Elementary School
  • Elizabeth “Liz” Noone at RISE Community School 
  • Kimberly Aguilar at New Highland Academy
  • Sarah Horwitz at Acorn Woodland Elementary School 
  • Tracy Dordell at New Highland Academy


  • Janet Belanoff at Collins Elementary School 

Pleasant Hill

  • Heidi Silva at Sequoia Elementary School 
  • Laura Clack at Sequoia Elementary School 
  • Lisa Kehr at Sequoia Elementary School 
  • Margot Kuhre Lipkin at Sequoia Elementary School l
  • Michele Miller at Gregory Gardens Elementary School 


  • Rachel McLachlan at Mira Vista School 

San Leandro

  • Daniela Mantilla at McKinley Elementary School 
  • Erin Grant at McKinely Elementary School 
  • Olivia Emerson at James Madison Elementary School 
  • Rachel Toscano at James Madison Elementary School 
  • Rhonda Spencer at McKinely Elementary School 

Union City

  • Greg Wellman at Guy Emanuele Jr. Elementary School 
  • Pat Urbi at Guy Emanuele Jr. Elementary School 
  • Shawnetta Jones at Guy Emanuele Jr. Elementary School