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Mission Statement

KIDS for the BAY collaborates with teachers to inspire environmental consciousness in children and cultivate a love of learning. We are committed to equal access to environmental education and to restoring a healthy environment for all communities.

We believe that Everyone Is an Environmentalist, and we provide increased access to engaging environmental education opportunities, outdoor education and nature education experiences, especially for our under-resourced school communities.

KIDS for the BAY’s Environmental Education Programs:

  • Turn school students onto science through exciting, hands-on lessons and activities that engage all students, including English Language Learners
  • Connect students with nature in the local watershed, and on field trips to local creek, bay, and ocean habitats
  • Empower students to take environmental action in service-learning Action Projects that help solve critical environmental problems and raise awareness about environmental health and justice issues
  • Create a lasting impact through our Teacher Training and Schoolwide Impact Models, which provide teachers and schools with the curricula, equipment, and support needed to continue teaching environmental science each year.

Since 1992, KIDS for the BAY has:

  • Engaged 97,171 students and more than 10,500 parents in engaging environmental education programs
  • Provided curricula, resources, and training to 3,917 teachers.

Since 1992, KIDS for the BAY students have:

  • Become leaders in their families and in their school communities, and taught others how to protect, clean up and restore local watershed environments, through student-led Schoolwide Assemblies, class presentations to families, and educational posters and videos created and shared by our young environmentalists
  • Cleaned up 33,022 gallons of trash from school neighborhoods and local creek and bay habitats
  • Planted 19,367 native plants in creek and bay habitats
  • Removed 32,278 invasive plants from creek and bay habitats
  • Learned how to make natural pesticides for their school and home gardens, taught their families and peer students how to prepare and cook bay fish to reduce intake of toxins, studied the impacts of ocean acidification on shelled organisms, and worked to reduce their carbon footprints at their schools.

In the 2020-21 school year, KIDS for the BAY (KftB) partnered with 93 teachers and 2,385 students in distance learning environmental education programs. 

Our resilient young Environmentalists accomplished the following projects during the Covid-19 pandemic and distance learning:

  • KftB student rangers cleaned up 613 gallons of trash from their local neighborhood watershed environments, working together in family ‘quaranteams’ led by KftB students
  • KftB student Environmentalists completed 4,163 environmental stewardship hours, cleaning up and protecting the environment we all share, and educating others about protecting the environment 
  • 1,316 KftB student leaders created and shared informational posters, videos and environmental pledges at special presentation events to teach their families and school communities about the importance of protecting the local watershed and the San Francisco Bay to keep these environments clean and healthy.

Every year, KftB students, teachers and families go on special nature-based field trips to enjoy, explore and clean up a local creek, bay, delta or ocean habitat!