Watershed Action Program

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In this exciting program, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, KIDS for the BAY comes to your classroom to teach hands-on science experiments and activities that engage students with their local watershed. The Watershed Action Program consists of four two-hour interactive Classroom Lessons, an Environmental Action Project and a fully-funded Field Trip to a local creek, bay, delta or ocean habitat. It is also a teacher-training program; a curriculum guide and supplies are provided and activities are modeled for you with your students.

“The KftB curriculum is exactly what our students need — hands-on, engaging science!”
— Rene Molina, Principal, Berkeley Arts Magnet School, Berkeley

In hands-on investigations, you and your students will:

  • Build a three-dimensional model of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary
  • Experiment with mixing fresh water and salt water to create brackish water
  • Investigate real seaweed, fish and crabs and link them into food chains
  • Take action for your watershed by reducing trash and storm drain pollution.

“It is a very powerful program. I think my third graders will come away with a lifelong appreciation for the work of preserving our watershed.”
— Kirstin Lono, Third Grade Teacher, Berkeley Arts Magnet School, Berkeley

Environmental Action Projects may include:

  • Perform a Schoolwide Assembly about reducing trash and pollution in the watershed
  • Organize schoolwide trash clean-up and Zero Waste Lunch events
  • Help restore your local creek
  • Reduce ocean acidification by reducing your school’s carbon footprint
  • Conserve precious fresh water resources
  • Demonstrate safe bay fish cooking practices at a school-community presentation.

“Every visit, everything you’ve done, has been a really great use of our time. It is age appropriate, tied to standards, and the students have had a lot of fun learning hands-on science!”
— Kaycee Thayer, Third Grade Teacher, Learning Without Limits, Oakland

This is a scholarship program, please contact us to determine if your school is eligible to participate.

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