This February KIDS for the BAY celebrates three young, resilient Black environmental leaders!

Written by: Mikayla Martin

Alexandria Gordon addressed Eckard College’s plastic pollution problem by launching a campaign through Florida PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), a student-run nonprofit organization. Helping her campus adopt a plastic-free pledge, she spearheaded the Break Free From Plastics Campaign. Alexandria has made local and national impact and plans to continue to build student power working for the environment!

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Dejah Powell founded Get Them to the Green (G2G), an organization that inspires Chicago youth to foster love for the environment. She also continued her environmental activist work when she attended Cornell University. In an effort to protect Indigenous, Black and Brown, low-income and frontline communities, Dejah is now a Sunrise organizer for the Green New Deal to combat environmental injustice. 
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As a sustainability advocate, an engineer, and a Black and Green Ambassador, Olivia Sweeny is a lifelong environmentalist. Olivia grew up in Bristol, England, and had the amazing opportunity to speak on the world stage in Glasgow, Scotland at the COP26 global summit. She explained that communities of color often live in areas with less access to green space, poor connections to public transport and more air pollution. As a radio show host she continues to give members of the Black and Brown community a platform to discuss climate issues in order to lead, connect, and celebrate diverse community environmental action.

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More Resources to celebrate Black History Month at home and at school!

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