Stream Science

Week Three: 
Stream Science, June 28-July 2

Stream Science Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Stream Science Explorers: Ages 8 – 11

Meet and explore a variety of stream habitats and follow their pathways to discover unique stream features including riffles and pools, small islands and bridges. Create and float mini nature-boats on stream waterways. Identify aquatic invertebrates and study their amazing adaptations for life in flowing water. Assess the health of a stream habitat, test water quality and compare and contrast natural and urban streams. Identify streamside plants and create beautiful stream art. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:
Our main location this week will be Orchard Picnic Area in Tilden Park, with one special drop-off location at the Environmental Education Center and Lake Anza.

Day Date Drop-off Location Pick-up Location
Monday June 28 Orchard Picnic Area Orchard Picnic Area
Tuesday June 29 Orchard Picnic Area Orchard Picnic Area
Wednesday June 30 Environmental Education Center Parking Lot Env. Ed. Center Parking Lot
Thursday July 1 Orchard Picnic Area Orchard Picnic Area
Friday July 2 Lake Anza Parking Lot Lake Anza Parking Lot