Everyone Is a Scientist!

Week Four: 
Everyone Is a Scientist! July 15 – 19

Science Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Science Explorers: Ages 8 – 11 


At KIDS for the BAY we believe that everyone can be a scientist and an Environmentalist! Join us for a fun-filled week of hands-on experiments and investigations, as well as special explorations of the natural world. Experiment with gooey oobleck, explode model volcanoes, make fossils, and create lava lamps. Explore the interactive Lawrence Hall of Science stations and experiment with defining the pathways in a model watershed. Visit Strawberry Creek at UC Berkeley Campus and meet the creek life in this local watershed. Adventurers will have the special chance to go up the Campanile Clock Tower and learn about Galileo’s Drop! Explorers will take a special BART field trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, investigate the science exhibits and learn about the benefits of using public transport to reduce our carbon footprints. We will also spend a day at Blake Gardens, learn about the unique ecology of honey bees, and the science behind how they locate and pollinate flowers, and communicate with other members of their hive! Our young scientists and Environmentalists will learn about the importance of bees and other pollinators to all life on Earth, and things we can all do to help protect pollinators. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:

DayDateDrop-off LocationPick-up Location
Monday July 15Orchard Picnic AreaOrchard Picnic Area
TuesdayJuly 16Lawrence Hall of ScienceLawrence Hall of Science
WednesdayJuly 17Strawberry Creek, UC Berkeley CampusExplorers will take BART to the ExploratoriumStrawberry Creek, UC Berkeley Campus
ThursdayJuly 18Blake GardensBlake Gardens
FridayJuly 19Lake AnzaLake Anza