Week Four: 
Zoology, July 11-15

Zoology Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Zoology Explorers: Ages 8 – 11 

Enter the fascinating world of the Animal Kingdom! Learn about animal classification, adaptations for survival and the importance of wildlife habitat conservation. Delve into dinosaurs and create ancient fossils and ultimate dinosaurs. Learn about animal tracks and signs and make your own animal tracks to take home. Enjoy bird watching and dissect owl pellets. Go on a mini-beast hunt and learn about the unique characteristics of insects and spiders. Investigate a fascinating variety of crusty crustaceans. Enjoy a special visit from the Lick Your Eyeballs Vivarium, and learn about the adaptations of snakes, lizards and other scaly visitors! Help to “hatch” craft reptile eggs.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:

Our main location this week will be Fern Picnic Area in Tilden Park, with one special location day at Cesar Chavez Park, with a special visit from Lick Your Eyeballs Vivarium, and one special location day at the Environmental Education Center area to visit the Little Farm, as well as our fun Friday at Lake Anza.

Day Date Drop-off Location Pick-up Location
Monday July 11 Fern Picnic Area Fern Picnic Area
Tuesday July 12 Environmental Education Center Parking Lot Env. Ed. Center Parking Lot
Wednesday July 13 Cesar Chavez Park Cesar Chavez Park
Thursday July 14 Fern Picnic Area Fern Picnic Area
Friday July 15 Lake Anza Parking Lot Lake Anza Parking Lot