Week Eight, August 3-7

Bay Ocean Adventures: age 57 years

Bay Ocean Explorers: age 811 years


Explore the unique habitats of the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, including the intertidal rocky shore and an ocean beach with hidden treasure to discover. Investigate the fascinating organisms that live in bay and ocean habitats and their adaptations. Meet bryozoans, sea sponges and green sea anemones, hold a shoreline crab, taste seaweed and learn how everything is interconnected in bay and ocean food chains. Test the salinity of ocean, bay and creek water and learn why the San Francisco Bay is an estuary. Learn about the problems of marine plastic pollution and how to reduce this pollution at the source. Campers will complete a special project to help restore Strawberry Creek. Explorers will take a special Field Trip to hike through the wild and beautiful Marin Headlands to explore a secret lagoon and discover a hidden beach.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations and Special Field Trip Destinations:
(Transportation for Special Field Trips is provided by KIDS for the BAY)

Bay Ocean Adventures

Monday: UC Berkeley/Strawberry Creek 
Tuesday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Rodeo Beach)
Wednesday: Berkeley Marina
Thursday: Berkeley Marina
Friday: Lake Anza

Bay Ocean Explorers

Monday: UC Berkeley/Strawberry Creek 
Tuesday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Rodeo Beach with Extra Hiking Challenge)
Wednesday: Berkeley Marina
Thursday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Tennessee Valley with hidden lagoon-ocean beach hike)
Friday: Lake Anza