Community Building Field Trips

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Join KIDS for the BAY to spend time in nature building a caring community with your students. Each Field Trip will guide students to increase their sense of stewardship for the environment we all share and their responsibility for their fellow students. Set goals and expectations for a positive, caring classroom community for the coming school year. Each program includes a Teacher Preparation Package and four hours of instruction.

“This was the best constructed ‘nature based’ Field Trip we have ever taken. The KIDS for the BAY naturalist was amazing.”
— Anne Henderson, Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary School, Oakland

  • Spend the day accomplishing teambuilding challenges, connecting with nature, and enjoying being with one another in a relaxed and fun setting;
  • Get to know a local East Bay Park that your students can continue to visit;
  • Students will be prompted to think about their personal goals and develop goals for their classroom community; and
  • KIDS for the BAY will facilitate the start of a great year for you and your students!

“Rowen had a wonderful experience and she was able to retain and tell me about everything she’d learned during the day. Thanks to all the naturalists!”
— Parent of a KIDS for the BAY Student

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