Posters and Pledges for a Brighter Future

Written by: Jamie Ball and Laurel Sebastian

Completing KIDS for the BAY programs with our amazing students and teachers is always a bittersweet time of year. Our educators develop very meaningful relationships with our students and partner teachers through our shared love for the environment. It is always sad to complete our programs with them and say goodbye, and at the same time it is so inspiring to hear their final reflections. Many students this year summarized their learning in final environmental poster presentations and videos. Each program also closed with a look toward the future as students wrote environmental stewardship pledges. Schoolmates, parents, principals, and siblings were invited to admire pledges and poster works of art throughout the spring. You are now invited to celebrate our students’ work as well!

Kaleb and Keisha from Parkside Elementary School in Pittsburg, were eager to share their powerful posters. Kaleb shared, “My poster shows how litter can travel into different animal’s homes with wind. One solution is to have cleanup crews and use designated bins for recycling and trash. I don’t want trash in the environment. It could kill animals and then we wouldn’t have food.”

Kaleb proudly reported that he worked on his poster for two days to demonstrate the connection between healthy habitats and healthy wildlife. Fourth grade student, Parkside Elementary School, Pittsburg.

Keisha was excited to share her ideas about using the Five Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot). She suggested environmental actions including, “Try not to buy plastic,” and “Recycle wasted food to make compost.” She added, “We can’t keep littering and then trying to pick it up because we would never clean it all up. We need to stop polluting now!”

Keisha clearly understands how to use the Five Rs. What can you do to use the Five Rs more in your life? Fourth grade, Parkside Elementary, Pittsburg.

Some creative students drew posters that had side by side comparisons of what our choices are and how they impact the environment. Others made posters envisioning a healthy future for all living things with powerful slogans and calls to action like: “No Pollution = The Solution!” “Clean your Trash!” and “Save the Bay!”

The choice is clear for Denise, who wants a clean ocean full of marine life. Third grade, Paden Elementary School, Alameda.

Third grade students at Earhart Elementary School in Alameda decided to focus specifically on waste sorting for their final environmental posters. As Max explained, “The posters will help my family put trash in the right place so more gets recycled instead of going to the dump.” During the presentation, with each projected poster, classmates gave each other compliments and asked questions. Janice shared, “Alex, I like that your poster is very colorful and clear and that you labeled all the items that should be recycled, composted and sent to the landfill.” Eli said, “Katie, I like that you show your items going into three bins that are the right colors.”

After the final poster presentation, students were asked, “What are you going to do to help our environment every day?” At James Madison Elementary School in San Leandro, third grade students were excited to share their plans to continue practicing environmental leadership in their communities! Wisdom shared, “I pledge to never litter at all so our environment will stay clean.” Talya pledged, “I will protect the world from plastic because there is only one earth!” Belen added, “I pledge to protect and defend the environment no matter what it takes. Every little action matters.”

Environmental pledges from third grade Storm Drain Rangers at James Madison Elementary in San Leandro.

“I am so proud of you all for educating others to be environmental leaders! You make me think about how I want to take action to become a better environmentalist like all of you!”

Ms. Rancap-Perez, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, Newark

“I am so impressed with our Earth ambassadors. Thank you for the partnership with KIDS for the BAY. This experience and learning will live with you for a lifetime. The artwork and underlying messages are just FABULOUS.”

Ms. Danielle Pharr-Matthews, Principal, Ruby Bridges Elementary School, Alameda

We are so proud of the commitment our students, teachers, and school principals have made to creating a lasting environmental impact in their communities! Thank you!

KIDS for the BAY