KIDS for the BAY Virtual Assembly 2021

Written by: Jamie Ball

We are so impressed with the flexibility and resilience of our young Environmentalists and our partner teachers. Adapting to an online learning environment has been no easy task, yet we have seen the incredible capabilities of our students and teachers to persevere through the challenges and create even more widespread and meaningful environmental change using technology!

Our Storm Drain Rangers and Watershed Action programs typically end with a schoolwide environmental assembly led by our students, to inspire and educate their entire school communities to help protect the watershed environment. This year, we are showcasing incredible video assemblies in a virtual environment starring our student Environmentalists! These assemblies have touched the hearts of parents, siblings, teachers, school administrators, fellow students, and our own KIDS for the BAY staff. We are beyond excited to share our 2020-2021 KIDS for the BAY Virtual Assembly with our supporters, just in time to celebrate Earth Day!

Our Environmentalists have put their whole hearts into these videos and we are so proud of everything they have accomplished. Students brainstormed together during Zoom lessons in breakout groups, to decide their topics and how to present their information, then they worked with their teachers and KftB Educators to finalize their video presentation clips.

On the assembly event days, it was incredible to see the proud parents, siblings, and family members attend the inspiring assembly video presentations. Each assembly ended with a big round of applause from the audience and wide smiles from our Environmentalists. Students not being able to go to in-person school and being separated from each other has been so tough. Yessibella from James Madison Elementary School in San Leandro shared, “I feel so proud of our class because of all the hard work we have put into our assembly and it makes me feel closer to everyone!” Thank you so much to all of our incredible Environmentalists!

Yessibella sharing her environmental poster during the virtual assembly.

Teacher and Principal Reactions to their students’ Virtual Assemblies

“I am so proud of you all for educating others to be environmental leaders! You make me think about how I want to take action to become a better environmentalist like all of you! I am so impressed with how much you all learned in your ten weeks with KIDS for the BAY!”
~Ms. Rancap-Perez, Principal, James Madison Elementary School, San Leandro

“The Virtual Assembly video was amazing. It really felt like we were a community, and the kids were able to share their learning with others. It also helped me see that the students have a shared experience, even if it is through distance learning. I was so proud, and so were the parents! Thank you for sharing that with us!”
~Mrs. Delos-Reyes, Third Grade Teacher, James Madison Elementary School, San Leandro

“The assembly brought our class together more than we could have imagined during distance learning, and allowed us to all share our successes in learning about protecting the environment.”
~Ms. Burkhead, Fifth Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Newark

Carmen’s poster from Lincoln Elementary School in Newark.
KIDS for the BAY