Happy trails and tail feathers

By Asha Bucklin, Communications Manager

Home to the Coastal Miwok Tribe, the Tennessee Valley Trail meanders through the Marin Headlands to the Tennessee Valley Beach. The Marin Headlands area is known for beautiful trails, abundance of wildlife, and native plants. It’s the perfect spot for a special Summer Camp hike!

The Explorer campers started their day walking past blueberry bushes that were just starting to ripen. A few students noticed some birds flying around and were interested to see that these animals like to dine on foods that humans like to eat, too. Some Campers were a bit jealous that the birds were having such a delicious snack!

Enjoying the beautiful hills

Camp Leaders pointed out native plants, trees and geological features. Campers were excited to learn the names of the plants that they are used to seeing. “I can now identify coyotes bush and rattlesnake grass!” exclaimed Zoe.

As the trail meandered through the beautiful coastal hills, one camper mimicked moose antlers to signal to the rest of the group that he had spotted a wild animal! Fellow campers quietly peered around the bend in the trail to see a quail family complete with a bunch of quail babies. The group crouched down and remained quiet and still while the quails scurried across the path and disappeared into the bushes. Our environmentalists were thrilled to see a whole family of quail, and they thought it was so special to see California’s state bird in its natural habitat.

Energized by their bird spotting success, campers enjoyed a fun post-hike beach day at Tennessee Valley Beach!

Crouching down to watch the quails pass
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