Fifth Grade Five Rs Experts Teach Kindergartners

Inspired by how much her students enjoyed educating their school community through a Storm Drain Rangers Assembly last year, fifth grade teacher Ms. Jean Liu from Forest Park Elementary School in Fremont was excited to teach the Storm Drain Rangers program herself. Using the training and equipment she received from KIDS for the BAY, Ms. Lui guided her students to teach a kindergarten class about how trash travels from the storm drains to the San Francisco Bay and how to use the Five Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, and Refuse). Ms. Liu shared, “My fifth grade students enjoyed performing the Assembly for the kindergarten classes, and I heard from the kindergarten teachers that they had a great discussion with their students afterwards!” One of Ms. Liu’s students, Xiomara, shared, “The Assembly was important because if kids don’t know this information, our world will be filled with trash. Now they will reduce their trash and keep our world beautiful!” Another student, Rintaro, added, “The Assembly taught me not to be scared of being on stage. The experience was awesome!”

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