Exploring the Berkeley Marina

Written by Cayla Naranjo, Program Coordinator

An exciting highlight of the KIDS for the BAY Watershed Action Program, for the third grade students from Fairmont Elementary School in El Cerrito, was their Field Trip to the Berkeley Marina!  The Field Trip began with rocky shore investigations; one of the classes was proud to find 33 crabs during their investigation! Students also discussed the adaptations of the creatures they found, and their favorites were camouflage and crabs’ claws. Arshdeep shared, “I really liked that I got to hold a little crab. I’ve never done that before.” Shayla agreed, “I’ll never forget when I found my own crab.” Mira shared, “I liked seeing the animals and the beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay!”

“Are we going to do another clean up here at the shore?!” Benjamin asked as he saw me pull out the clean-up tongs. Haznat shared, “We are picking up trash so that the animals that live in the bay don’t eat it.” During the clean-up, students filled a 5.45 gallon garbage bag and were surprised by how much trash they found on the shoreline. Tenzin shared, “I’m happy we got to help nature and help the animals we saw!” Ian added, “I got to go out and explore the beach, which I don’t normally get to do!”

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