Back-to-School Message from Our Executive Director

Schools in our area are continuing with Distance Learning this fall and KIDS for the BAY is ready to continue to support teachers and students, especially in under-resourced schools. Building on the work we did last spring to deliver our programs through online resources, At-Home Activities, and Zoom Lessons for our classes, we are currently developing our in-depth environmental education programs to be even more engaging. 

KIDS for the BAY Distance Learning programs will include:

  • Activities that get students outside into nature in their local environment 
  • Hands-on science experiments and investigations with materials easily found at home
  • Environmental Action Projects at home and in the local neighborhood
  • Virtual Field Trips to creek, bay and ocean habitats
  • Professional development and ongoing support for teachers.

Whenever it becomes possible, we will be ready to deliver our programs in-person again. However, the online programs we develop at this time will continue to support our teachers with professional development and ongoing support as they deliver KftB programs themselves with future classes of students and resources that we provide. Therefore, we will increase the impact of our work. We will also be able to reach more teachers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The following programs will be offered via Distance Learning:

Watershed Action Program

Storm Drain Rangers Program

Watershed Rangers Program

Blue Watershed Classrooms

TEACHERS – Please follow the link to each program to register.

KIDS for the BAY believes that Everyone Is an Environmentalist! 

Thank you so much for continuing to support our work through this time of new challenges and opportunities.


Mandi Billinge Executive Director/Founder