About Us


For the past 20 Years KIDS for the BAY (KftB) has taught hands-on, environmental science to children and teachers in elementary schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. At KIDS for the BAY we implement effective, on-going environmental education programs for elementary school communities and promote active, hands-on restoration of local habitats. Our programs teach the latest California State Science and Social Science Standards and have been written into the School Wide Development Plans of our partner schools. Our well-qualified staff provides classroom teachers with long-term, in-depth, experiential training and the opportunity to learn alongside their students. Teachers learn to use the local environment as an educational resource to stimulate learning. In our School Wide Impact Approach, principals, teachers, parents and students work together, sharing key strategies and resources, to achieve common goals for their local environment. KIDS for the BAY gives students powerful reasons to connect with and care about the environment. We teach the concepts and skills needed to make informed choices and environmentally friendly behavior changes, leaving our students feeling empowered to help solve local environmental problems. Our students reach out to their families and involve them in special events and projects. Since 1992, KftB has delivered programs to more than 64,000 elementary school students, 2,790 teachers and over 8,000 parents.

“My students never had science and environmental education come alive so much! This experience was so wonderful!” —Melissa Williams, Fourth Grade Teacher, Civicorps Elementary School, Oakland

“My son loved all the activities you did in the classroom, and the field trips you took. He is such a scientist at heart, and always came home excited to tell me about his latest KIDS for the BAY adventure. I certainly learned some helpful information about our storm drain and sewer systems too. Thank you!” —Parent, Belshaw Elementary School, Antioch

“During the period of time that KIDS for the BAY has been teaching here, students’ achievement levels have increased markedly.” —Minh-Tram Nguyen, Principal, Encompass Academy Elementary School, Oakland

“The field trip made what we learned in the classroom lessons come alive. My students loved being outside and we were excited to learn about the nature and science of the watershed we studied in the classroom.” —Denise Abersold, Fourth Grade Teacher, Ellerhorst Elementary School, Pinole

“I have learned that if you take the time to go outdoors, sit quietly, look around and listen, you can learn so much about the environment and why it is so important to keep it clean and healthy.” —Sophia, Fifth Grade Student, Ocean View Elementary School, Albany