A Forest Bath at Lake Anza

By Asha Bucklin, Communications Manager

Forest bathing is a Japanese concept of the healing properties of being in nature. It posits that using all five senses to enjoy nature helps keep one centered and healthy. KftB takes our campers out to nature so they can explore the many ways humans interact with and appreciate natural spaces.

Nestled in Tilden Regional Park is the beautiful Lake Anza. There, Campers can hike and explore in the California hills. This summer has been especially gorgeous after our rainy winter with all the flowers in bloom and the verdant ground cover.

Hiking right by the lake is the best!

After a morning of educational play, it was time for a hike around Lake Anza. Campers were so excited to explore the area and see what plants and animals they could find. Tilden Park is home to a large variety of native plants and animals and our young nature-lovers spotted bay laurel trees, large-mouth bass fish, and more! The first portion of the hike had a view of the beach and as the campers continued to hike into the park the sounds from the beach faded. 

Campers found themselves at a bridge over a cascade. They all took a few moments in silence to listen to the sounds of nature and absorb their environment. They heard the rush of the water, birdsongs, barking dogs, and the wind through the leaves.

“It’s so peaceful here!” exclaimed Andrea. “I love the sounds of the cascade.”

Sitting and listening to the cascades

After their hike and forest bath campers enjoyed some watermelon and then spent the rest of the day swimming in the Lake.

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