Marine Science


Week Two, June 26-30

Marine Science Adventures: age 5-7 years
Marine Science Explorers: age 8-10 years


Explore the unique habitats of the Pacific Ocean, including beaches with hidden treasure to discover and amazing tide pools to explore. Investigate the fascinating organisms that live in ocean habitats and their adaptations. Meet purple ochre sea stars and green sea anemones, hold a shoreline crab, taste seaweed and learn how everything is interconnected in ocean food chains. Visit the Marine Mammal Center to meet rescued seals and sea lions. Experiment with the unique properties of salt water, and learn about the important role of three National Marine Sanctuaries located close to the Golden Gate Bridge. Learn about the problems of marine plastic pollution and how to reduce this pollution at the source. Explorers will also experiment with the impacts of ocean acidification and discover how to reduce our carbon footprints.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations and Special Field Trip Destinations
(Transportation for Special Field Trips is provided by KIDS for the BAY)

Marine Science Adventures and Explorers:

Drop Off/Pick Up Location
Monday: Berkeley Marina
Tuesday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Rodeo Beach, including a visit to the Marine Mammal Center)
Wednesday: Lake Anza
Thursday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Muir Beach)
Friday: Berkeley Marina