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Week Five:
Ecology Week, July 19-23

Ecology Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Ecology Explorers: Ages 8 – 11


Learn how all life on earth is interconnected and interdependent. Become entangled in a food web. Play the photosynthesis game and learn how plants produce food using the energy of the sun. Make and enjoy plant part tacos. Learn about the anatomy and physiology of flowers. Discover the important pollinator role of bees and other insects. Enjoy an exciting Nature Treasure Hunt and explore a creek, lake and pond habitat. Create a unique nature sculpture. Become an Environmentalist by practicing the Five Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Refuse. Learn to take care of nature by practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:
Our main location this week will be Fern Picnic Area in Tilden Park, with one possible special location day at Strawberry Creek Park.

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