Bay Science


Week Two, June 17-21

Bay Science Adventures: age 5-7 years
Bay Science Explorers: age 8-10 years


Explore the unique habitats of the San Francisco Bay, including the intertidal rocky shore, the sandy beach and mudflats. Investigate the fascinating organisms that live in bay habitats and their adaptations. Meet a sea squirt, hold a shoreline crab, taste seaweed and learn how everything is interconnected in bay food chains. Collect and study bay fish, observe shoreline birds and discover the unique features of the San Francisco Bay. Learn about the problems of storm drain pollution to the bay and how to reduce this pollution at the source.

Sample Bay Science Adventures Activities:

  • Dissect squid and go crab fishing
  • Meet amazing animals and plants in belly biology
  • Learn how intertidal organisms adapt to the movements of the tides
  • Help to restore Strawberry Creek.

Sample Bay Science Explorers Activities:

  • Take a BART ride to visit the Aquarium of the Bay
  • Create a three-dimensional model of the San Francisco Bay
  • Collect and observe bay plankton in field microscopes at Crab Cove
  • Make anemometers to measure wind speed and fly kites at César Chávez Park.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations and Special Field Trip Destinations
(Transportation for Special Field Trips is provided by KIDS for the BAY)

Bay Science Adventures:

Drop Off/Pick Up Location
Monday: Berkeley Marina
Tuesday: UC Berkeley/Strawberry Creek
Wednesday: Berkeley Marina(Special Field Trip: Crab Cove)
Thursday: Berkeley Marina
Friday: Lake Anza

Bay Science Explorers:

Drop Off/Pick Up Location
Monday: Berkeley Marina
Tuesday: UC Berkeley/Strawberry Creek (Special Field Trip: Aquarium of the Bay)
Wednesday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Crab Cove)
Thursday: Berkeley Marina (Special Field Trip: Angel Island)
Friday: Lake Anza