Week Six: 
Bay-Ocean, July 26-30

Bay-Ocean Adventures: Ages 5 – 7
Bay-Ocean Explorers: Ages 8 – 11


Explore the unique habitats of the San Francisco Bay and learn how the bay connects to the Pacific Ocean. Investigate the fascinating organisms that live in bay and ocean habitats and their adaptations. Meet bryozoans, sea sponges and sea anemones. Meet a shoreline crab, taste seaweed and learn how everything is interconnected in bay and ocean food chains. Test the salinity of bay and creek water and learn why the San Francisco Bay is an estuary. Make anemometers to test the speed and direction of the wind and fly a kite by the bay! Learn about the problems of marine plastic pollution to bay and ocean life and how to reduce this pollution at the source.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations:
Our main location this week will be Fern Picnic Area in Tilden Park, with one or two possible special location days at Berkeley Marina and/or Cesar Chavez Park.