Aquatic Science

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Week Seven: August 6-10

Aquatic Science Adventures: ages 5-7
Aquatic Science Explorers: ages 8-10


Explore fascinating aquatic habitats including ponds, lakes, creeks and the San Francisco Bay shoreline. Hike to hidden beaches, walk out on a bay pier, explore a salt marsh and discover a secret pond. Hike along a beautiful creek to a hidden lake and learn about the birds, mammals and amphibians that live in these special habitats. Study and investigate aquatic invertebrates. Discover the adaptations that help organisms survive in freshwater and brackish water ecosystems. Learn about the importance of conserving freshwater for all life on earth and the actions you can take to conserve water each day.

Sample Aquatic Science Adventures Activities:

  • Explore a bay marsh and learn about the unique adaptations of the salt marsh harvest mouse,
  • Use dip nets to discover pond animals and study their special life cycles,
  • Meet red winged black birds at a secret pond, and
  • Make dragonfly art.

Sample Aquatic Science Explorers Activities:

  • Go kayaking on the bay,
  • Hike on a pier with beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay and Marin,
  • Explore the bay shoreline and discover blue mussels, barnacles and crab exoskeletons, and
  • Complete creek health surveys and water quality testing experiments.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations and Special Field Trip Destinations
(Transportation for Special Field Trips is provided by KIDS for the BAY)

Aquatic Science Adventures & Explorers: