Session Themes & Locations

Week One, June 19-23
Bay Science Adventures: age 5-7 years WAIT LIST*
Bay Science Explorers: age 8-10 years WAIT LIST*

Week Two, June 26-30
Marine Science Adventures: age 5-7 years WAIT LIST*
Marine Science Explorers: age 8-10 years WAIT LIST*

Week Three, July 10-14
Girls Science Adventures: age 5-7 years WAIT LIST*
Girls Science Explorers: age 8-10 years WAIT LIST*

Week Four, July 17-21
Ecology Adventures: age 5-7 years ALMOST FULL
Hiking Explorers: age 8-10 years

Week Five, July 24-28
Zoology Adventures: age 5-7 years WAIT LIST*
Zoology Explorers: age 8-10 years WAIT LIST*

Week Six, July 31 – August 4
Watershed Adventures: age 5-7 years
Watershed Explorers: age 8-10 years ALMOST FULL

Week Seven, August 7-11
Aquatic Science Adventures: age 5-7 years WAIT LIST*
Aquatic Science Explorers: age 8-10 years WAIT LIST*

* Wait List: If the session you are interested in is full and you would like to be placed on the wait list, please register for the session using our online registration system. This will automatically add you to the wait list. Our Camp Manager, Aislinn Sterling, will get in touch with you if a space opens up for your camper.