Watershed Rangers Program


Become a Watershed Ranger!

In the Watershed Rangers Program, students will learn about the importance of the San Francisco Bay Estuary watershed and how we can all play a part in keeping it clean and healthy. In this exciting, hands-on program, students will take direct action to prevent storm drain pollution and divert our solid waste stream through reducing, reusing, and recycling.

“Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful program! It was well-planned, our Instructor was wonderful, and the students were engaged with hands-on, thoughtful curricula the whole time!”
— Tina Twite, Second Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary School, Alameda

This program provides a fun, educational, and meaningful experience for second – sixth grade students. Engaging environmental education projects integrate science, math and art activities.

“Now that I am a Watershed Ranger I will pick up at least three pieces of trash every day. When I pack lunch I will use reusable things.”
— Charles, Fourth Grade Student, Lum Elementary School, Alameda

In hands-on investigations, you and your students will:

  • Study colorful satellite image maps of the San Francisco Bay;
  • Learn about watersheds and creek-bay-ocean connections;
  • Conduct a neighborhood storm drain pollution survey and litter clean-up project;
  • Share a picnic, analyze packaging, and learn ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse; and
  • Design and implement an Environmental Action Project.

Students become Watershed Rangers by:

  • Making a personal and family pledge to reduce storm drain pollution; and
  • Becoming an active leader in their school community to reduce pollution to the watershed.

“I have noticed that as a result of this program my students are being more responsible for picking up their trash in the cafeteria and on the yard. They are helping to keep the cafeteria and common areas free of litter even when the litter is not theirs.”
— Janay Gonsalves, Third Grade Teacher, Henry Haight Elementary School, Alameda

This is a scholarship program, please contact us to determine if your school is eligible to participate.

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