Storm Drain Rangers Program

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In four exciting hands-on lessons and a Schoolwide Assembly, students will learn how their neighborhoods are connected to their local creeks and the San Francisco Bay via the storm drain system. KIDS for the BAY will engage students in taking action to reduce storm drain pollution, showing how everyone can make a difference. This program provides a fun and educational opportunity for students to become leaders in their school communities.

The Storm Drain Rangers Program is also a teacher training opportunity! The activities are modeled for partner teachers in the classroom alongside their students. A curriculum guide, equipment kit and one-on-one support are provided to classroom teachers to teach the program to future students. Continuing Education Units are available through our partnership with California State University East Bay.

In hands-on investigations, you and your students will:

  • Learn the geography of the San Francisco Bay estuary and creek-bay-ocean connections
  • Create a three-dimensional model of the bay estuary ecosystem
  • Conduct a neighborhood storm drain pollution survey and trash clean-up
  • Lead a School-Wide Assembly on the importance of keeping the environment free of litter.

Students become local Storm Drain Rangers by:

  • Helping to reduce storm drain pollution
  • Educating their families and making a pledge together to reduce storm drain pollution
  • Becoming an active leader in reducing waste and litter in their school communities.

“I know one person who stopped littering because of the Storm Drain Rangers program. That person is me!”
— Maria, Fifth Grader, Hirsch Elementary School, Fremont

This is a scholarship program, please contact us to determine if your school is eligible to participate.

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