Programs for Schools

KIDS for the BAY Programs for Schools turn school students onto science, connect students with nature, empower students to become active Environmentalists and provide professional development for classroom teachers. All programs are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Curriculum. Parent participation is actively encouraged.

Schoolwide Programs

Schoolwide Science and Environmental Action Program

KIDS for the BAY will engage your entire elementary school community in hands-on science lessons and Environmental Action Projects. Each grade level will adopt a special habitat and learn how the school neighborhood, local creeks, the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean are inter-connected in the unique San Francisco Bay estuary watershed.

Classroom Workshops

Bay Estuary Classroom Workshops bring the San Francisco Bay estuary to life in your classroom with engaging hands-on activities. Young scientists investigate animals and plants that live in the bay, create a three-dimensional bay model, and make food chain connections.

Field Trips

Creek, Bay and Ocean Field Trip Explorations

Field Trip Explorations take students and teachers on exciting Field Trips to explore aquatic ecosystems. Each experience involves close-up, hands-on encounters with nature in a creek, bay, or ocean habitat.

Community Building Field Trips

Join KIDS for the BAY to spend time in nature building a caring community with your students. Each Field Trip will guide students to increase their sense of stewardship for the environment we all share and their responsibility for their fellow students. Set goals and expectations for a positive, caring classroom community for the new school year.

Environmental Action Projects

Environmental Action Projects provide the exciting opportunity for teachers and students to take action to help solve environmental problems in their local communities. Each project includes engaging hands-on activities focusing on a particular environmental problem and the solutions to that problem. Teachers and students become empowered to take action and help our local environment.

Scholarship Programs

Thanks to the generous support of our foundation, corporate and government funders and our individual donors, KIDS for the BAY is able to offer scholarship programs, either for our most low-income, urban school partners, or for schools located in a particular city. Please contact us to determine if your school qualifies for one of the scholarship programs described below.

Watershed Action Program

The Watershed Action Program includes interactive Classroom Lessons at the school site and Field Trips to local creek, bay, delta, or ocean habitats. Students learn their place in their watershed through hands-on science investigations and choose how they will take action to help clean up and restore their local watershed environment. Teachers receive professional development in environmental science education and academic credit units through our partnership with California State University East Bay.

Storm Drain Rangers Program

The Storm Drain Rangers Program teaches students how their neighborhood connects with local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. Students practice storm water pollution prevention, and environmental leadership. A Schoolwide Assembly engages the entire school community in litter prevention and waste reduction using the Five Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Refuse). Teachers receive professional development in environmental science education and academic credit units through our partnership with California State University East Bay.

Watershed Rangers Program

In the Watershed Rangers Program, students learn about the importance of the San Francisco Bay estuary watershed and how we can all play a part in keeping it clean and healthy. In this exciting, hands-on program, students take direct action to prevent storm drain pollution and divert our solid waste stream by using the Five Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot and Refuse).

Academic Credit For Teachers

Teachers participating in the KftB Watershed Action or Storm Drain Rangers Programs have the opportunity to earn up to eight Continuing Education Units through our Academic Credit Program partnership with California State University East Bay.