Discovering the San Francisco Bay Mermaid

“Can you find the mermaid?” asked KIDS for the BAY Instructor Joanna Hoffman. Jennifer, a fifth grade student from Schilling Elementary School in Newark, exclaimed, “If you look at the San Francisco Bay from above, on the satellite map it looks like a mermaid!” Students were excited to find Newark, their home town, near the mermaid’s “tail” on the map. Another student, Ariel, shared, “I found the Golden Gate Bridge! I think it’s cool that all of the water from our watershed has to go under the bridge to get to the Pacific Ocean.”

Students were excited to build models of the San Francisco Bay mermaid to observe how fresh and salt water mix in the bay to form Ester the Estuary! By adding drops of red food color to their models, students were also able to see how pollution can spread through the bay watershed. Alexia noticed, “If you pollute one body of the water in the bay, the whole estuary becomes polluted!”

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