Partners & Supporters

Thank you to our generous funders and donors!

Alameda County Fish and Game
Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program
Alameda Natural Grocery
Avila and Associates
Berkeley Oddfellows Lodge 270
Berkeley Rotary Club
California Coastal Commission – Whale Tail Grants Program
California Coastal Conservancy
Cheese Board Pizza Collective
City of Alameda
City of Antioch
City of El Cerrito
City of Hercules
City of Orinda
City of Pittsburg
City of Pleasant Hill
City of Richmond
City of San Pablo
City of Walnut Creek
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation
Dean Witter Foundation
East Bay Community Foundation:
– Jeanette and Mildred Meyers Fund
– Kevin Collins Fund for Children
– Kirby Foundation Fund
– Meyer Family Fund
– Randall T. Lang Fund
– The Basil Hefni Fund
– Richard and Marlene Millikan Family Fund
Footprint Foundation Inc.
JiJi Foundation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
– Bay Watershed Education & Training Program
Oakland Rotary Club
Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
San Francisco Foundation
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation:
– Tundra Glacier Fund
– Raymond M. Deméré, Jr. Family Fund
– Member of the Donor Circle for the Environment
– Stuart & Daphne Wells Fund
State Farm Insurance Company
Stege Sanitary District
The Bernard Osher Foundation
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation
The Strong Foundation for Environmental Values
Tides Foundation – J. Vance Huckins Fund
Town of Danville
UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund

Alison and Virgil Rhodius
Elaine Miyamori*
Jessica Nusbaum* and Chris Jannusch
Judy Kokura and Nicole Martins
Kathleen Azada
Kimberly Aguilar*
Leilani Alo*
Mandi Billinge and James Kliegel
Natalie Silverstein
Robert and Edna Cox
Sheela Shankar* and Anthony DeCicco
Shefali Shah* and Saleem Shakir-Gilmore
Sumana Rao
Tricia Andres and Jacki Murray
Yolanda Miller
Tiffany Grandstaff

* Advisory Board Member


Environmental Visionaries ($10,000+)

Ricardo Torres and Nat Damon

Watershed Activist ($5,000+)

Cynthia Dunham
James Riddell
Mrs. Kathryn G. Riddell
John Ottoboni
Zac and Amy Weinberg, The Angora Ridge Foundation

Estuary Guardian ($2,500+)

Jonathan Sorof
Kuppe and Shaku Shankar
(Shankar Family Charitable Fund)

Habitat Protectors ($1,000+)

Carol and Arun Patel
Elaine Miyamori*
Gail and Charles Entrekin
(The Entrekin Foundation)
Leilani Alo*
Lynn Landor
Shelley Horowitz

Bay Sponsors ($500+)

Alexandria Hilton
Canadian Women’s Club of San Francisco
Jane Barrett
Mandi Billinge and James Kliegel
Richard and Marlene Millikan
Sumana Rao
Yolanda Miller

Creek Stewards ($250+)

Alison and Virgil Rhodius
Bharat and Bharati Mody
Diane and David Goldsmith
Howard Samuel
Kathleen and George Wolf
Mary and Jim Mooradian
Mary Pueringer and Damon Jordan
Robert and Edna Cox
Sarah and Andreas Birkedal
Sheela Shankar* and Anthony DeCicco
Shefali Shah* and Saleem Shakir-Gilmore
Stillwater Sciences
Susan Goldstein and Andy Kivel
(Kivel-Goldstein Family Fund)

Field Trip Sponsors ($150+)

Darlene Ceremello
Denise Montgomery
Dilip and Purnima Shah
Elliot Hoffman and Gail Horvath
Ernesto Quintanilla and Seth Skolnick
John and Jacqui Billinge
Joshua Rai
Kathleen Azada
Margaret Norman and Geoff Holton
Marlene Nusbaum
Pamela C. Auxter
Tanya Valova and Thomas True

Environmental Action Project Sponsors ($100+)

Allison and Michael Ottoboni
Amy Morris and Jeffrey Srob Odell
Andrew Lurie
Annika Rudback*
Berkeley Garden Club Conservation Committee
Bethany Golden and Benjamin Siegel
Bhavana Mody
Burton MacArthur
Cam and Dennis Wolff
Charli and John Danielsen
Denise Brown
Fred and Wendy Keith
Heath Thomas Maddox and Julian A. Foley
Jacki Murray and Tricia Andres
Jon Knight
Joy Picus
Ken Mannshardt
Laura Prival
Lynn and Luring Hedin
Robert and Diane Thiltgen
Robert J. and Margaret DeCicco
Sue Burt
Natalie Silverstein
Nick Griffin
Toni Garrett
Wick Pancoast and Carrie Wilson

Classroom Workshop Sponsors ($50+)

Alison De Jung and Jason Goldheim
Barb Vasquez
Ekaterina Radeva
Emily and Brian Lowe
Francis Mendoza
Gail Harris
J. Patrick Stair
Jack Pease
Judy Kokura and Nicole Martins
Kari Gim
Karen Proehl
Kim Lewis
Madeline DeCicco-Lowrey and Clay Lowrey
Magi and Geroge Petkovi
Margaret M. Kliegel
Maia and Brett Singer
Marika Holmgren
Nancy Kent
Ruth A. Pease
Shirleymae and Igor Skaredoff
Susan Wilde
Thomas Bagamane
Winnie Tan

Environmentalists (Up to $50)

Bruce Lin
Claire McMurtry
Corey Chan
Cynthia DeLeon
Elizabeth Beeby
Janet and Alan Gervolstad
Johnny Roberts
Marianne Keith
Mike and Sue Mannshardt
Margaret Bishop
Paulina and Ivan Chotov
Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
Robert Flasher and Deborah Kendall
Russel Kliegel
Sobha Kollipara, M.D.
Vicki and Dave Shreiner

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Amie Fishman
Alison Makipour
Amy Waxman
Andrea Warren
Ashwini Vaidya
Cheryl Chi
Cindee Madison
Claudia Thiltgen
Connie Choi
Sawn Nykamp
Donna Lee
Ellie Gladstone
Tam Liljefelt
Ellen Ayres
Garth Schultz
Georgeanne Fordham
Ingrid Severson-Tondre
Jan Eiesland
Jennie Mollica
Jill Jackson
Joyce Lupack
Julie Dunaway
Kate Miller
Kevin Jude
Kristiana Tom
Laura Steinborn

Lauren Westreich
Leah Granger
Naomi Schiesel
Maia Bazjanac
Melanie Tang
Miranda Worthen
Rachel Sing
Rebecca Meyer
Sandra Tsui
Sarah Sawyer
Silvia Yee
Amie Fishman
Tara Cyphers
Sheela Shankar*
Rebecca Meyer
Donna Lee
Garth Schultz
Alison Makipour
Kate Miller
Miranda Worthen
Amy Waxman
Melanie Tang
Silvia Yee
Kevin Jude
Naomi Schiesel

* Advisory Board Member

Matching Donations

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Two Sigma Investments
United Way of the Bay Area

In-Kind Contributions

Cheese Board Pizza Collective
Berkeley Bowl West
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods Market