20 Year Celebration – A Huge Success!!

20anniv-4On October 20, 2012, the beautiful greenway of Codornices Creek was brightened by 80 KIDS for the BAY volunteers and celebrators.  How does an environmental education organization celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary?  By doing something for the earth!  Teachers, families, donors, board members and other supporters joined together to plant native plants beside Codornices Creek and to celebrate KIDS for the BAY’s 20 years of successful environmental education programs in local elementary schools.

The plants were originally collected last spring by KIDS for the BAY students from John Muir School in Berkeley.  Students carefully collected hundreds of seeds – including purple needle grass, buttercups, and California poppies – from the banks of Codornices Creek.  The seeds were then cleaned, dried and planted in starter pots by campers in KIDS for the BAY’s “Wonderful World of Plants!” Camp, last summer.  Diana Benner took care of the plants at her Watershed Nursery until they were ready to be planted by eager volunteers at our 20 Year Anniversary Celebration.  200 plants were planted beside the creek, and thanks to the early fall rains a few days later, they have a great chance to grow healthy and strong.

20anniv-1Planters gathered for lunch and an amazing performance by Quenepas – Puerto Rican drumming, dancing and singing youth group.  KIDS for the BAY also honored two Guardian Award winners:  Lucy Schmidt, representing the third grade team of teachers from World Academy School inOakland; and Audrey Amos, Principal of John Muir School in Berkeley.  Both schools have partnered with KIDS for the BAY for many years to deliver exciting, hands-on environmental science education, in the classroom and in the outdoors, to their students.

Over the past 20 years, 60,000 school students have graduated from a KIDS for the BAY program.  This includes 60,000 Inspired Environmentalists who are helping to take care of the environment we all share.  2,650 teachers have also graduated from a KIDS for the BAY program.  Many of these teachers continue to teach environmental science education to their students every year, using the tools and resources provided by KIDS for the BAY.

20anniv-4We really want to thank our students, teachers, school principals, donors, staff, board members and other supporters, for a wonderful journey over the past 20 Years, and for helping KIDS for the BAY to achieve an amazing accomplishment of 60,000 Inspired Environmentalists!  We are looking forward to inspiring another generation of environmentalists in the next 20 Years!

20anniv-2A special thank you to the Watershed Nursery, the City of Albany, the Codornices Creek Watershed Council and Friends of Five Creeks, for their partnership in the planting project on 10/20/2012.

Please visit the KIDS for the BAY Facebook page to see more beautiful pictures of our event –www.facebook.com/KIDSfortheBAY.