17th Annual Wildcat Creek Clean-Up Event

The 17th Annual Wildcat Creek Clean-Up took place on October 15, 2011 at Davis Park in San Pablo. During the clean-up event over thirty-five volunteers worked together to remove large amounts of debris from inside the creek, on the creek banks and in the surrounding park. Working collaboratively, this year’s enthusiastic volunteers collected over sixteen bags of garbage, one shopping cart, one big piece of plywood and one old chair. Due to the rainfall that occurred prior to the clean-up, the water level at the creek was high and some debris had already washed downstream. Despite the high water levels, volunteers were meticulous and determined to remove even the smallest pieces of garbage, such as tiny bits of plastic and paper, before they could wash into the bay. A big thank you to all who particpated in the event and helped to make Davis Park and Wildcat Creek a little cleaner!


“This event is so cool because my students learn how to become leaders in their local community. And they are actually helping to eliminate pollution – I love it!”
– Laura Larson, Helms Middle School Science Teacher, San Pablo